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What is Daruk

Daruk.io is a virtual meeting assistant that works with Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Webex. It lets you host beautiful countdown timers within the meeting’s video feed helping participants keep track of time limits. Fun fact, the name “Daruk” was derived from “Daruka“, the charioteer of famous Indian God, Lord Krishna.

The background

Daruk’s founder, Mr.Anand Hariharan, a passionate entreprenuer had done a great job at conceiving the product MVP. With years of experience in the communications industry, he had validated a real problem to solve. He created a minimum viable product that worked fairly well functionally. His vision was to make it as lucid as possible for his users to be able to onboard and start creating timers in under 10 seconds. Thats when he approached Craftpixels with RFP. With our research backed due diligence, we collaborated with Anand in identifying areas that needed improvement in terms of looks and usability. The inbuilt timer and the product’s interface was archaic. Users would love to ghost it at first sight. We wanted to give it a sleek, simple to use interface to promote better user engagement.

The Original App Screens (before)

Before we deep dive on how it all began, we present a few of the original app’s screens below for your reference. During the early stages of product development, you focus on getting the product to work and not on how it looks. Anand & his development team did a great job building the prototype.

Please click on the thumbnails to see them in full size.

The App Screens (NOW)

Now, it was our turn to dress up the app in a fine piece of fancy suit & tie to look good in front of the customers.

You've never seen a in-meeting timer like these!

  • Wireframes
  • UI/UX design

160 hours. (March 2022)

Timers we designed for Daruk.IO

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